About Us

Positive, creative, high energy and relationship driven are just a few adjectives to describe Randolph Interior Design.  Since our start in 2008, we've excelled at creating timeless spaces that are layered, textured, and have color, but most importantly, feel profoundly personal to the homeowner. With over two decades of experience in both new construction and remodeling, we possess a deep understanding of the building process, allowing us to envision the final design and how clients will interact with the space.

Sarah Randolph

Sarah Randolph | Principal Designer

Sarah founded the firm in 2008 following a successful career working for high-end residential interior design firms in both San Francisco and Minneapolis.

Her design process is centered around building relationships with her clients and trade partners through continuous communication and a positive, infectious energy. She credits her ability of greater understanding and uncovering what her clients are looking for to her strong ability to listen and connect with people. No one space or a client is the same, and the design outcome should be a reflection of the two.

She attributes part of her design success to life experiences, living in different areas of the country including New York, San Francisco, Vail Colorado, Nantucket, and Lawrence, Kansas. Traveling also keeps her creativity alive as it pushes her outside of her comfort zone to see how other people and cultures live. Whether it’s walking down a picturesque street in Brugge or riding in a packed third-class train car in Sri Lanka, Sarah uses those experience to look at things differently.

Sarah is a native of Wayzata, Minnesota, went to the University of Kansas for undergraduate and UC Berkeley for her Interior Design and Interior Architecture post graduate degree. She is married to Elliott, has two teenagers, serves on the Wayzata Parks & Trails Board and coaches alpine ski racing.

Madelyn Moe | Interior Designer

Maddy is Sarah’s right-hand person in assisting with design and helps runs our social media platform. Previously she was an event planner at MSP Magazine and the Star Tribune. She is a graduate of the University of St. Thomas with a BA in Art History and Business and has a passion for sustainable interior design. She loves spending time with her family and friends and traveling to see new places. She enjoyed coaching soccer at her high school for the past few years.

Madelyn Moe
Caitlyn Van Winkle

Caitlin Van Winkle | Expeditor

Caitlin oversees all orders, tracking, and installation of products we source for our clients by streamlining the designers’ creativity into an efficient procurement process. Prior to joining us, she served as a business development manager of a national commercial builder. She graduated from St. Cloud State University with a degree in business.

Sydney Winter | Junior Interior Designer

Sydney previously worked as an interior designer at a residential architecture firm. Her past experience includes furniture sales, flooring sales and grew up helping her mother’s interior design business. She graduated from Northern Iowa University with an interior design degree.

Tori Phillips

Tori Phillips | Junior Interior Designer

Tori joined us at the beginning of 2023 as an intern and became full-time after graduating from the University of Minnesota with a major in interior design and minor in construction management.

Grace Kisch | Intern

Grace joined us as an intern in January 2023 and a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota with a major in interior design. She was also a member of the University of Minnesota’s National Champions Dance Team.

Elliott Randolph

Elliott Randolph | Business Manager

Elliott is responsible for all the non-creative but necessary functions a successful business needs – accounting, finance, marketing, IT, operations, and more. He is an experienced entrepreneur and former investment professional with a proven track record of starting and operating two profitable businesses. He has a BA from Franklin & Marshall College and an MBA from the Carlson School of Business at the University of Minnesota.